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Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Women's Ministries Department of the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists is to model Jesus Christ through meaningful relationships and effective ministries. 

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Michigan Women's Ministries

Meet the wonderful women that help make all our events possible. Under the leadership of their director Jane Harris, they spend countless hours making these events possible. They travel from all around Michigan and volunteer their time to serve others. Each woman has a creative mind, a willingness to serve, and most importantly a heart for God and a mission to spread the gospel.  


Jane Harris

Jane Harris currently ministers as the Women’s Ministry Director for the Michigan Conference. She organizes many seminars for women, moms, and daughters and loves to connect with people. Jane believes outreach is for everyone and that there are many methods of evangelism and which can come in many different sizes and shapes. But the one method Jane loves the best is Friendship Evangelism because this method has as many different forms as there are people. (Ministry of Healing, pg. 143.)

Janie is married to Craig Harris and together they have two grown married daughters, as well as one grandson Owen and granddaughter Morgan. God has given Jane the gift of organization, decorating, and hospitality. It is not unusual to see Jane planning events at home and for the conference office. Jane has always loved studying the Bible and has given many Bible studies. Her hobbies are bargain shopping, decorating, restoring and re-purposing old items, staying active, laughing, and spending time with her family.


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Admin Assistant

Cathy Oliver

Cathy Oliver serves as the Administrative Assistant for Women’s Ministry, Pathfinders, Adventurers, and Youth department for the Michigan Conference.  She is a first generation Seventh-day Adventist.  She is married to the love of her life Brad and has two grown children Emily and Andrew. She enjoys cooking, hosting and entertaining friends, and loves to spend time with her family.


Prior to coming to the Michigan Conference Cathy worked at Adelphian Jr. Academy for 17 years.  She served as the secretary and school treasurer and taught gymnastics grades K-10.  Cathy is very active in her home church serving as the secretary, leading out in Sabbath School for Beginners and Teens, Social Committee, Chairing the Decorating committee for their current building project to just name a few. 


She and her husband, Brad, serve also as Pathfinder Area Coordinators for the Michigan Conference. She is very passionate about leading others to Christ and wants everyone in Heaven.  She just loves people and would hug everyone if she could. 

Board Members & District

Jennifer Haskell - District 1
Amy Austin - District 1
Anita Riess - District 2
Monica Ames - District 2
Mirtha Duthil - District 3
Amber Johnson - District 4
Sharon Mills - District 5
Jennifer Rienstra - District 6
Wendy Welch - End it Now Rep.
Dee Clements - District 7 
Julie Woolf - District 8 
Monica Ames - District 8 
Deb Montcalm - District 9 
Lisa Sawvel - District 9 
Barb Hemenway - District 10
Sharon Szynkowski - District 11
Sarah Canada - District 12
Tamara Conway - District 12 

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