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Camp Meeting - 2023

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Be inspired by art journaling as a devotional practice. In this interactive workshop, you will learn simple techniques such as watercolor, and collage to enhance prayer journaling or scripture memorization. Participants will each receive a small journal, learn basic techniques, and complete a guided art project with plenty of ideas to encourage creativity and apply individual styles. There is no art experience necessary, and all supplies are included.

Classes:     Monday & Tuesday

Time:          9:30-11:30

Cost:           $20

Limit:          20 People Per Day

Location:    Administrative Building Chapel

Sign Up:  Sabbath morning at 9:30 am in the Fitness Center lobby 

Artist, Kimberly Holback is a painter, and designer. Her art practice includes mixed media paintings and digital designs. She lives, along with her husband and daughter (the youngest of three children), in western MI, near the great lakes, surrounded by fruit orchards, wildflowers, and forests. Her primary inspiration for her art is drawn from the sense of history and place where she and her family live, as well as experiences outside in nature. When she is not doing art, she loves spending time with her family and her two dogs, gardening, hiking, or fly fishing, and most of all she loves sharing creative and inspiring experiences with others.

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