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Women's Retreat 2023

"one blessed glamper"

Join us for our annual retreat!

Weekend of April 14-16 - OPEN


Weekend of April 21-23 - SOLD OUT

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"One Day Get-Away"
Meadow Brook
October 23, 2021


"What a blessing the day was. Beautiful location and beautiful Sabbath.  I left feeling blessed and full of God's grace."

“The one day get-away was a wonderful event for me to bring my non-adventist friend too!”

"Thank you, this was great! I can not attend for a full weekend due to my children, but I can get away for a day!"

“Everything was just beautiful!  From the garden tent, flowers, decorations, music, and worship thought. I was blessed the entire day. I can't wait until next year."

"I was especially blessed by the beautiful peaceful venue.  It made me feel special. Specifically I was very blessed by Wendy Pletcher's skit.  She made Martha's dilemma so real and the idea that I need more of Jesus in my life and a closer walk with Him."

"It was a great experience to be with women who all come together to experience what our Lord means to each of us and to meet old and new faces alike.  Also, to experience our Lord in a special experience than what we get from our church."  

"Thank you so much for the beautiful Sabbath day and a chance to refresh and revive.  Love the idea of a one day get-away. You and your team do a great job. Blessings to one and all."

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Michigan Women's Ministries

Meet the wonderful women that help make all our events possible. Under the leadership of their director Jane Harris, they spend countless hours making these events possible. They travel from all around Michigan and volunteer their time to serve others. Each woman has a creative mind, a willingness to serve, and most importantly a heart for God and a mission to spread the gospel.  

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