Warrior not Worrier

There is still room for you at this year's Women's Retreat! All three weekends still have space! Weekend 1 and 2 still have spots available. Watch our demonstration video below before registering. See you there!


April 3-5

April 10-12

April 17-19


Camp Au Sable

Grayling MI



Onsite Pricing 

$120 / person. This includes cabin lodging, 6 meals, and supplies. Cabins include 1 or 2 double bunks and several twin bunks. Bring bedding or sleeping bags, bedding is not provided. 


Offsite Pricing 

$100 / person. This includes 6 meals and supplies. You are responsible for arranging your own lodging offsite.  



Number of upgraded rooms available is limited. First come, first served.  

These prices are IN ADDITION to the regular fee of $120. This is the price per room and can be split between all the women staying in one of the upgraded rooms. 


Auditorium - $30 

Deer Lodge - $50

Cedar Lodge - $60

Group Registration

This year through our brand new registration site, you will be able to register up to 10 people at once.

There will be a video posted on January 13 explaining how it will work or. Be on the lookout for that video. 


Please collect payment from your group ahead of time as you will have to pay in full when you are checking out. 


& Refunds

Due to the demand for our retreats and the early planning and purchasing involved, we do not issue refunds for cancellations. However, we will apply funds to another person in your place for the same event if you are unable to attend. 

The only exceptions are in extreme cases. Please give us a call at the office if you need to cancel.

Seminars & Speakers

Keynote speaker

Prepare Your Prayer Closet

Delaina Cischke

Why are we asked to pray? How are we to pray? Who are we to pray for? What can we gain from prayer? No matter how you pray, spend time with Jesus.  Let Him know you trust Him enough to talk to Him and believe He is always listening and answering. As we go through our prayer seminar, we will hopefully answer these questions and many more. Learn some new prayers using scripture and ways to pray over your family and friends. Learn how God has answered prayers in big and small ways and see how our lives can grow. We will learn how to prepare our prayer closets and face this world alongside God.

From Wanting to Winning

Evelyn Kissinger

Want to move from wanting to change to actually winning at the losing game?

Everyday choices make all the difference.

  • Learn the latest simple but powerful strategies to achieve and maintain your healthy weight.

  • Learn….What to do. How to do it. And how to get and stay motivated to do it!

  • Discover that it’s more than just knowing calories. It’s about what, when, and how you eat. It’s about stress and sleep. It’s about your environment.

  • Appreciate how your biology can work for you by improving your microbiome and brain health.

  • Find keys that will improve your energy naturally and build stress-resilience into your life.

Hospitality and Healthy Living Through International Cooking


Have you ever been intimidated by hosting a meal in your home, church or community? Have you had an interest in cooking international food but do not know how? In this session, you will learn to make Filipino dishes and learn the importance of hospitality in your own home and ministry. Opening your home for a meal and fellowship is like opening your hearts to others. We are all admonished to serve others, to feed the hungry and to honor God through the gifts and talents he has given us. Food and hospitality help us connect with people and minister to them. The Bible says, “Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.”(Hebrews 13:16)  We will also learn some interesting facts about nutrition and culture in general.

Joy Amid Crisis

Laurie Snyman

This class will explore why there is suffering in this world. Using the analogy of a canoe trip down the Au Sable River, we will talk about how we encounter obstacles, our attitudes, our futile attempts to take care of ourselves, and how we can meet them with strength, courage, and resilience. Learning from Job, we will show how our faithfulness will be rewarded one day when we put our trust in God and His Providence.

The Belt of “telling ourselves the truth”.   

Shelly Wiggins

Come and learn How facing your story and accepting the truth of where you’ve been is a true gift.  The healing that comes from acceptance counters shame & results in empowering us to move forward for eternity. The exercise in my workshop will require you to bring your own belt that has a buckle on it.  You will create a keepsake with the truth of who you are in Christ! 

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