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A Weekend with the GLAA girls

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Written by: Faythe Hixon

Every year that I’ve been here at GLAA, I look forward to what we call our “Ladies Weekend”. These weekends are spiritual retreats for all who attend. It gives us time together to bond as daughters of the King.

In my freshman year, our theme was Muddy Hearts, Clear Minds. Three years later, I still have my materials from that weekend - definitely worth holding on to since it was all about my standards for what I’m looking for in a future husband. I had freshly turned fifteen and the things that were talked about that weekend still stick with me today. It was a great reminder that I am a daughter of the King and I deserve to be treated like one.

Last year, we discussed insecurities and core fears - the fears that are buried deep within that trigger us, sometimes without us even knowing. I loved talking about insecurities and the problems that come along with them. Miss Tammi (Tamara Conway) taught us how to navigate our hectic lives without our core fears controlling us or bringing us down.

This year built on last year. We continued talking about our core fears and also added a few more elements. I enjoyed learning about self-talk and how that can make or break our attitudes. We can either build ourselves up or tear ourselves down. Our attitude is a choice even when our circumstances are not. We can’t control our environment, but we can control how we respond. We discussed complex emotions and issues that plague our everyday lives. Our discussion involved practical ways to navigate our emotions. Along with good conversation, we had snacks and fun scattered throughout our days.

On Sabbath afternoon we decorated a clipboard with colorful masking tape. We planned out color schemes and designs. We enjoyed looking at each other’s creations. I love my clipboard and I had a great time making it with my friends. After our craft time, we sat down together for a question and answer panel. This was one of my favorite parts of the weekend. Every year I’ve been blessed by the stories and thoughts that the ladies share.

The conference ladies told us that we could submit questions and they would answer them to the best of their abilities. Throughout the panel discussion time, we laughed a lot and even shed a few tears. I profoundly felt that Jesus was watching over us and had touched the lips of each lady that spoke to us that day.

Our weekend ended with hugs and good-byes. I left feeling a sense of joy in my heart for the things I had learned that weekend. Battling tough emotions, conquering core fears, and how keeping God at the center of our hearts and minds makes everything easier.

I would like to personally thank the conference women for their dedication and love. Thank you!

“When Miss Tami shared parts of her testimony it really touched my heart!” - Elsie Kroll

“I appreciated the advice they shared; it was a blessing to have them here.” - Ana Wilhelm

“It was an enjoyable weekend, truly a blessing.” - Shari Mack

“I’m thankful that they took the time to come talk and spend time with us.” - Kasey Castellanos

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